“At the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, where there was millions of dollars worth of equipment available to the equestrian teams, the most-requested diagnostic tool was thermography. It was fast. It was portable. It was non-invasive. It could detect injury sites before they became lameness problems, and could guide practitioners to specific anatomic areas for study using other diagnostic techniques. And it was extremely accurate when used by an experienced practitioner.”
--The Horse.com
Integrated Equine Infrared
Clinical Equine Thermal Imaging
Why Use Equine Thermal Imaging?

  • Non-invasive
  • Safe, no radiation!
  • Quick
  • Physiologic imaging
  • Whole horse diagnostics
  • Saddle-fitting
  • Back pain
  • Detect tendon and ligament injuries before clinical signs are present
  • Bone problems - arthritis, fractures, stress
  • Hoof balance, abscesses, laminitis, navicular
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Circulatory disturbances
  • And so much more!
Integrated Equine Infrared
Clinical Equine Thermal Imaging
Salinas, CA
Phone: 831-442-9154
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EquineIR is now available as an online course! Study to become an equine thermal imaging technician from your home base.

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Equine Thermal Imaging Appointments and Research Support
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Integrated Equine Infrared is the official Technical Directorship for EquineIR, a division of United Infrared. Visit www.EQUINEIR.com for information on becoming a Certified Equine Thermographer.
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Vascular patterns of the head and face; Hock arthritis; Hot stifle lesion at exercise; Cervical muscle inflammation
"As licensed veterinarians, professional farriers, and certified infrared thermographers, we advocate equine thermal imaging for pre-purchases, lameness localization, soft-tissue studies, hoof balance and lameness, and saddle-fitting. Standardization of the patient, environment, and interpretation is vital to success."
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From a Happy Client!

"Hi. Just wanted to let you know that Holly's left hock is fusing on one side.  That is why she is having lame issues. Her right front ligment in her fetlock has some fluid due to her compensating in the back left.  I will also recomend you guys as well.  You guys were right on with the hocks and front.  
Thanks for all and we'll see what she has to say about the saddle.
Talk to you soon."
EquineIR and IEI at the 2011 Rolex KY CCI**** Event
Free online training course through FLIR on thermography basics. This is a wonderful opportunity to understand the science behind the images! We're not just interpreting the pretty colors!