Meet Our Team!
INTEGRATED EQUINE INFRARED is the partnership between top integrative veterinary medicine  practice Inspiritus Equine, Inc. and the renowned DeLeonardo Farrier Center. Our common professional goal of combining veterinary medicine with farrier science is the foundation of this business.
Our mission is to promote the research, standardization, and utilization of equine diagnostic thermal imaging for the benefit of equine health and wellness.
Integrated Equine Infrared is the official Technical Directorship for EquineIR, a Division of United Infared. For more information on courses and the United Infrared membership program, please see
Dr. Joanna Robson is a Certified Infrared Thermographer through the Infraspection Institute.
Dr. Debra Tibbitts, Healing Hands Equine

Dr. Tibbitts is  a Certified Infrared Thermographer through the Infraspection Institute
Technical Director and Consulting Farrier:
Consulting Veterinarians:
IEI Manager:
Veterinary Technical Director
Dr. Joanna Robson, Inspiritus Equine, Inc.
Mike DeLeonardo, CJF, RJF
DeLeonardo Farrier Service
Elena Underwood
Teaching in West Palm Beach 2012Mike DeLeonardo helping a student image a patient's hoofThe class at workDisplay in a Salinas Bank promoting DeLeonardo Farrier Services and IE Infrared