Michael DeLeonardo Jr., CJF, RJF, APF
Integrated Equine Infrared Bio

Michael DeLeonardo Jr., CJF, RJF, APF has a resume is like no other. DeLeonardo owns DeLeonardo Farrier Service in Salinas, CA. His Professional Experience includes being in the industry for 41 Years. He is one of the technical directors of EquineIR ™ and is responsible for the farrier sciences, horse handling, safety, and teaching the use of thermal imaging in horse hoof care. As well as being a technical director for EquineIR™ he is the CEO for Integrated Equine Infrared. Michael brings his vast knowledge from being a farrier and applies the thermal imaging modality to better serve the horse, owner, trainer, and farrier.

He is a nationally approved Farrier competition Judge, since 1992; American Farrier’s Association Certified Tester, since 1987 to present; national and international lameness consultant, and convention and seminar speaker. He does consultations with equine owners, trainers, farriers and he is a Clinical Farrier consultant to various veterinary services.

Some of his achievements include: American Farriers Association Officer, President, 1995-1997 ; Western States Farrier Association Officer, President for six 2-year terms; Farrier Industry Association President, 2007-2008 terms; Numerous “Service in Farrier Education Appreciation” Awards, and Michael was inducted into the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame 2008. He was one of the farriers for the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.

Michael enjoys lecturing and doing seminars demonstrating how thermal imaging detects inflammation and potential symmetry problems in the lower limb and hooves that may be missed by other modalities.