Elena Underwood   Integrated Equine Infrared Bio

Elena Underwood has been in business management from 1981 to the present time. She enjoys working for both IEI and DeLeonardo Farrier Service (DFS) and has held positions with a Navel Store in Guam, The Salvation Army in California, Arizona and Nevada, The Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center, Homespun Krafter’s Store, and of course IEI.

Working with DFS and IEI as the business manager affords her the opportunity to interact with infrared thermal imaging technicians from the United States and throughout the world.  She is responsible for the daily management of the office, keeping up with reports that come in, making sure the information provided from the technician is properly submitted to the vet and farrier to interpret, emailed and returned to the technician. Elena is  certified in equine thermography, expert at how the reports must be completed as well as the imaging process and scanning protocols.

Elena loves the interaction she has  with the clients both on the telephone and in person.  In being responsible for the daily management of both offices she must multitask in the answering phones, emails, telephoning clients, maintaining the website for DeLeonardo Farrier Service  and Facebook postings for IEI and DFS . She even manages to work in time to do research for lectures, and create power point presentations for Michael.